SEattle to San Fran Day 4 and 5Eureka to Fort Bragg

on this day to fort bragg was the shortest day on the bike, made it to fort bragg at around 2 or three in the afernoon went to safewas got me a chicken some bagels and chps and brought them to the hotel for dinner , I grabbed lunch at a Dennis and ahd some fish in there with ride and vegetables.

oin day 5 I rode into San Francisco on day 5 and went straight into into the airport  to rent a car and drive back to Seattle the same night, met another rider Fred from San Francisco who after telling him about where I was coming from offered me to get some refueling at his house but i just need to get to the airport and start driving back right away , I politely refuse we peeled off after crossing the bridge and I continue my treck to SFO, I got there to the budget renter my car, got the bike in it was ready to roll back to Seattle.

I called my friend Matt who told me to stop by house and get some clothes for the drive back he gave me some jeans underwear shoes shirts everything, even some food to go, we chatted for a while and started the drive back a couple of hours later.

on the way back I took  10 min nap at one the rest stops o 5 and was good to after that other than the stops for gas that’s all that I needed to make it back to Seattle here are some pictures from the trip and some of the maps I could recover from my site.

IMG_20150330_095543_115IMG_20150330_095539_957IMG_20150329_183244IMG_20150329_183232IMG_20150329_183228IMG_20150329_183015IMG_20150329_075707IMG_20150329_075225IMG_20150329_075152IMG_20150329_075127IMG_20150329_035816IMG_20150328_214442IMG_20150328_042828IMG_20150328_042239IMG_20150327_113346IMG_20150327_113333IMG_20150327_113320IMG_20150327_052029IMG_20150327_052001_246IMG_20150326_211620IMG_20150326_171233IMG_20150326_151223IMG_20150326_151116IMG_20150326_151048IMG_20150326_150914IMG_20150326_100627IMG_20150326_095340IMG_20150326_094833Day 5 Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 7.46.53 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 7.45.46 PM

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