Ride to South Bend and Back to Seattle/ 200 out 200 back Day 1

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Day 1

Left the house t at 9 and went up the same way i lalwasy go , up the burke, torugh Redmond and and over the east side of lake Sammmish trough Issaquah Hobart Enumclaw, then took 410 to 165 to 162 to Electron Road, , made one stop outside of Yelm to get some food at around mile 100 and kept moving on 507 tourhg  Trinino  and pass Grand Mound and Elma to 12 west to 107 south ot 1101 south torugh raymond where I got some thing to start the following day, water, bars and Gatorade

Flattedd right before getting 101 it was windy here, the pump for inflating the tire wasn’t working and but eventually got it to work after going apeshit on it and kept moving.

it took about 11 hours to get donw there door to door.



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