Ride to South Bend and Back to Seattle/ 200 out 200 back Day 2

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Left the hotle at about 6, it was raining so I put my rain jacket on, Bad accident out of Raymond about 5 miles into the ride, a car flipped over on a downhill and was on the roof ,cops where pushing the car to the dish and had traffic stopped for and letting people trough bit by bit. I went trough no problem.Aroudn the Area in 2007 they were affected by the grate coastal Gale of 2007 which knocked down hundreds of Trees with hurricane force winds http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Coastal_Gale_of_2007 .

ketp moving and made my stop to refuel at the same stop I took on the way down. coming out of there i flatted with metal hair from cars/trucks tires whishc you know cause about 90 percent of cycling punctures or so i think together with construcktion staples left on the side of the road ,that’s the one flatted me on the way out.

any way fixed the flat and kept moving , another accident outside of Hobart , a couple skided off the road and hit two electrical post taking one down and leaving the other severely damaged.

made it home in around the same time as the day before in about 11 hours . and had a good ride overall.

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