SEattle to San Francisco Day 1 / Seattle to Raymond WA 200m






Day 1 Seattle to RaymondDay 2

Day One Thursday

about 200 miles

pass the night at Chens Motel and Restaurant
—–206 Robert Bush Drive East
—–South Bend, WA 98586

Chen was nice enough to buy me dinner ,rice and eggs, which tasted great after the ride.

after cleaning the bike and getting things ready for the following day I went to bed a little pass midnight.

riding time about 11 hours, stops ,once right outside of Yelm to fill up my bottles and the other stop in Raymond before going into the hotel to have bottles ready for the next day

Went up the Burke – Gilman Trail trough marymoor park to lake sammamish, left the houset at around 10 am with my bike loaded with the liquid food I was going to use the first day and some more for the second besides that I would eating/drinking waht I could by on the road.

SEattle to Redond -> Issaquah -> Enumclaw

Yelm -> Grand Mound 23 Miles
Grand Mound to Elma 27Miles
Elma to Raymond 36.3 Miles
South Bend, WA 98586

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