Seattle to San Francisco day 2 Raymond to Florence OR 230miles

Day 3On day 2 it was a longer ride from Raymond to Florence for about 230 miles, it rained for most of the ride and it got worse as the day went on and ,took a couple of stops to refuel. i try going to a best western hotle at the end of town, but when I got there day said they completely booked and , at this itme I’m socked and wet and cold but grab a bunch of newspaper that werer laying aourd the lobby there stuffed them in my jersey and headed bck north to a small hotle I had seen on the way into town.

a lady and her young song were kind enough to give me two energy bars on my way to florence at the right time since i was out of food and water and was running on fumes at this time

the had room I got checked in and called for some pizza, was the only thing available at that time it was pretty late but don’t remember the time, the guy came in with the pizza and some alfredo chicke pasta, which i ate, after cleaning the bike , and drying the clotehs went to bed close to midnigh and had  to wake in a couple of hours to beging hte longest day of the trip  day three. to Eureka.


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