1. The ride is to be completed unsupported and under you own power.
  2. All riders must check in at every Checkpoint on the course.
  3. Helmets must be warn at all times during the ride.
  4. All bikes are allowed(standard,handcycles,recumbents,tandems,HPVs) and race under the same category.
  5. Absolutely no outside help planned in advance.
  6. Private resupply of food or private lodging is not allowed.
  7. Family member and friends can visit you along the course but cannot assist in the way of providing you with lodging food or mechanical help.
  8.  In the event of serious mechanical and your bike is unridable a rider may be assisted by motor vehicle to the nearest town to seek help in repairing the equipment, once the bike has been repaired the rider must comeback to the exact spot where she/he left the route and rejoin the course where they left off.
  9. Any services utilized must always be commercially available to all riders and not pre-arranged. No private resupply, no private lodging.