Who came up with this thing?

I came up with the idea after riding this very same route in late March 2015 on my own unsupported , it took me 5 days to complete.

What’s a Rally,is it a race, is it a ride?

The main thing the Seattle to San Francisco Rally is, is an adventure, it is bike packing , it is riding and sharing experiences with other riders who participate and the people you’ll met along the way, some of us will want to go fast , some might just want to take our sweet time and go it a bit slower, but we are all going to be on the same road and will cover the same distance under our own power. So to answer the question it is what you make of it.

What about the 1000 miles?

I think is the perfect distance for those riders seeking adventure and wanting to ride one of the most beautiful stretches of road in the U.S, at 1000 miles it can be completed in about a week. There are plenty of towns along the way where food , water, supplies , camping and other accommodations are available.

Did you camp during your ride?

No, I traveled very light and stayed at motels along the way, I’ll probably camp in August during the ride tough and carry a little more gear.

How much does it cost?

It is free to Participate; we ask you to put your name on the roster as a way to motivate riders and to have an idea as to who is coming.

Why no registration fee?

Well it’s expensive to and it takes resources to go  cover 1thousand miles and I believe since this would be more of a great  adventure and a challenge making it free  opens it up and it allows everyone to come and ride, save your money for what you need to to complete the ride and get back home after you are done.

How long is the full route?

The full route is roughly 1000 miles.

How many days would it take me?

A good time to shoot for is 5 to 6 days averaging 200 miles per day for five day.

Why August?

The days are longer warmer and it also gives you time to train at the beginning of the summer June and July.

How tough is the route?

The route has over 65000 feet of elevation gain, but I think is all downhill if you are coming from the North heading South(which we are)

What do I do when I get to SF?

If you are going back to Seattle you can ride back if you want you’ll be a total bad ass in all books,on the other hand for most of us mortals the most economical way to get back to Seattle is to go to SFO the San Francisco Airport and rent a one way car for the drive back to Seattle, that’s what I did in March after finishing my ride, and that’s what I’ll do this time, a one way rental is about 35 dollars a day.

Who is going to show up?

Me,you and your friends, so go ahead tell them and help me spread the word, its going to be flipping awesome.